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The Benefits of

External Wall Insulation

Give your home a facelift with external wall insulation. Not only will it be pleasing to the eye but it will give your home a watertight, insulated finish that will provide your home with a damp-proof and thermally efficient cover.

Benefits of Exterior Wall Insulation
  • Slash your heating bills – you could save up to £455 a year with external wall insulation

  • Stops heat escaping through the walls so you can enjoy the benefits of a warmer, more comfortable home

  • Improve the appearance of external walls 

  • Boosts the structural integrity of your house by protecting brickwork

  • Helps reduce condensation and mould

  • Provides a weatherproof barrier against noise and pollutants

  • Cuts your carbon footprint by reducing the amount of CO2 released from your property

  • Indianu Insulation is the best in working in INSULATION and make sure you always get the the most professional service

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