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What is the ECO 4 Scheme?

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO4) is a government initiative in Great Britain aimed at enhancing energy efficiency, combating fuel poverty, and mitigating carbon emissions.


Under ECO4, energy companies are mandated to implement energy efficiency measures in residential properties. Unlike a grant program, the responsibility lies with energy companies to decide on the retrofit projects they support, the funding levels they offer, and the Retrofit Coordinator and installers they engage.

Commencing from April 1, 2022, ECO4 initiatives have been in effect and will continue until March 31, 2026. ECO4 primarily targets the improvement of the least energy-efficient homes in fuel poverty, limiting interventions to properties falling within bands D-G. The scheme also emphasizes a comprehensive upgrade approach, focusing on multi-measure whole-house retrofits. Additionally, ECO4 mandates the upgrading of a minimum number of privately owned homes in bands E, F, and G, ensuring the treatment of the least efficient residences.

Introducing a new Minimum Requirement (MR), ECO4 sets the goal of elevating the energy efficiency rating of band D and E homes to at least a band C, and band F and G homes to at least a band D. The scheme aims to incentivize the adoption of various energy-efficient measures, including insulation, initial central heating, renewable heating, and district heating connections.

For more details on SAP band requirements, Minimum Requirements (MRs), and ECO4 measures, please review the eligibility document here.

Wall Rendering by Indianu Insulation
Wall Rendering by Indianu Insulation
Wall Rendering by Indianu Insulation

Check your eligibility to receive government funding under the ECO4 Scheme for your property by completing the form.

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